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A data logger is an electronic recording instrument that monitors and reports various changes in environmental conditions over time. Data loggers can measure temperature, relative humidity, light intensity, voltage, pressure, shock, and the list goes on. Because they are stand-alone devices, data loggers are conveniently used to verify and control the quality of handling of any given product in storage, transit, or distribution. Because data loggers do not need to be linked to an external source of power, they can travel along with your products while continuously recording the specific type of data you need. Today data loggers exist in all sorts of shapes and sizes and are used everywhere from your local restaurant's refrigerator to the International Space Station.

To meet the growing demand for optimal cold chain management and the need for small data recording instruments, engineers have developed miniaturized, battery-powered data loggers equipped with a microprocessor, data storage system, and sensor. Some data loggers provide the recorded data on a paper strip chart, while others can interface with your personal computer. You can simply download information by either connecting the logger to a computer port and using specialized software to analyze, organize, and print the data or, in the case of wireless data loggers, remotely access the information. With wireless data loggers, you can monitor several locations at the same time, creating the equivalent of a data logging network.

Several different types of data loggers are available to meet the specific needs of each user.

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Since data loggers monitor and record the environmental conditions of sensitive products in storage, transit, and/or distribution, you can better control the quality of your cold chain by using them. More specifically, data loggers provide you with the crucial information needed to ensure the safe handling, transport, and storage of your products. Data loggers can tell you whether or not your products have been kept in ideal conditions.

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Data loggers can be fixed or mobile. Depending on your needs, they can be attached to the walls of a cold storage unit, put inside a box containing your products, or affixed to the side of a refrigerated container. Evidencia’s data loggers are so conveniently small that they can be placed anywhere. The best data loggers are activated with a simple push button, allowing you to start them in the fields, in cold chambers, at the loading docks, in the distribution center, or anywhere.


Data loggers are designed to be extremely durable and to resist the environmental conditions in which they are used. They include a resilient casing that protects the sensor and data storage unit. Evidencia’s data loggers are rugged and solid; some models are even 100% water resistant. Most of Evidencia’s data loggers are guaranteed to resist extreme temperatures from as low as -20F and up to as high as +150F.


When your products have arrived at their destination or at any point along the cold chain journey, you will want to review the data the logger has collected. Depending on the type of logger you have used, the data will be presented in different ways. Mechanical loggers produce a paper strip chart that you simply pull from the logger. Electronic and wireless data loggers transfer the collected data to your personal computer. Software helps you download, view, analyze, and print the information you need.

Once you have collected your data, you can:

 - Maintain cold chain safety records for yourself and regulatory agencies such as the FDA and USDA.
 - Comply with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HAACP) requirements.
 - Benchmark your freight providers and the level of service you receive.
 - Quickly identify the cause and effect of in-transit quality deficiencies.
 - Build long-term data records for statistical analysis, gaining the ability to identify trends.

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Today, with the help of data loggers, the cold chain of consumables and other sensitive products can be perfectly monitored and ultimately guaranteed. These small yet highly accurate devices are non-intrusive and easy to use. They provide important information for improved safety and quality.

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